LTNT | Whitey (2018)

Hair and Makeup Artist

Producer: Noomi Yates

Director: Liam Lever


Rachelle | Drumbeat (2018)

Makeup Artist

Prod. Company: View 35 

Director: Tom Ruddock


Livia Rita | Sunscar (2017)

Hair and Makeup Designer

Producer: Livia Rita

Director: Martine Skogard


Marc Almond | How Can I Be Sure (2017)

Hair and Makeup Assistant

Makeup Designer: Amy Atkins

Producer / Director: Paul Green

Krista Papista | Aman Aman (2016)

Hair and Makeup Designer

Producer / Director: Krista Papista


Flight Brigade | Hurricane Season (2016)

Hair and Makeup Designer

Prod. Company: Fight Gravity

Director: Paul Cheung


Richard Walters | U (2016)

Hair and Makeup Artist

Prod. Company: Villager

Director: Cooper


Torchbearer | Vultures (2016)

Hair and Makeup Designer

Prod. Company: Anthony Plant Productions

Director: Anthony Plant


The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing | This House is Not Haunted (2016)

FX Makeup Assistant

Makeup Designer: Anooshka Nereid

Director / Producer: Tom de Ville


Minigme | Yul (2015)

Hair and Makeup Designer

Prod. Company: Tesa Productions / Akronymion Productions

Director: Louis Lagayette


Agarimo | On a Cycle (2015)

Hair and Makeup Designer

Prod. Company: Elegant If Productions

Director: Orestes Mersinias


Vito Camaro | Ten Goddam (2015)

Hair and Makeup Designer

Director / Producer: Ned W. Kelly